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Benchmark Index tools are used all across the world to drive up business performance improvement. Our aim is to help businesses compete effectively, efficiently, profitably and securely in a global marketplace.

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Podcast: All Things Benchmarking

The Cumbria Business Growth Hub is piloting a programme that offers Benchmark Index tools for local businesses to help them grow smarter. Under the programme, businesses can either do a self-assessment or work with an adviser to gain objective, data-driven insight into their business to make more...

Modernising Business Support with the NE LEP

North East LEP needed a cloud-based diagnostic platform that could underpin the customer journey through all stages. They wanted the platform to integrate their efforts into one service that could capture data across multiple channels, including their triage team, advisers and local businesses.

Benchmarking is an invaluable tool for SMEs

Business benchmarking is a powerful methodology that helps businesses assess their performance by comparing themselves with others – which allows them to see how they stack up against enterprises within and outside their sector, including best practices.

7 Key Benefits of a Business Diagnostic Platform

Benchmarking is an established, effective tool to improve a business’ competitiveness. After all, how can a business understand its strengths and areas for improvement without an objective assessment of how it compares with others? Likewise, business diagnostic platforms are a powerful approach...

Transforming Business Support

The decision to leave the EU has provided the UK with the opportunity to transform its approach to business support and economic development. The shift to a devolved system and mayoral combined authorities (MCA) undoubtedly offers great potential benefits. However, the journey towards this new...

BI Cyber: DCMS

Winning Moves was commissioned by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in the UK, to use BI: Cyber, to undertake a Cybersecurity Health Check of the UK’s FTSE 350 companies.

BI Business: Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland have been the leading deliverer of the BenchmarkIndex, locally branded as Winning Measures, in the Republic of Ireland for many years. In that time, more than 1,500 SMEs have been benefitted from the service, delivered by a talented team of internal and external expert advisers.

BI Scale Up: Cork Institute of Technology

Winning Moves were engaged by the Rubicon Centre (part of the Cork Institute of Technology) to customise its BI Scale Up tool for local use. After an initial pilot exercise, the aim is to use the tool to drive accelerated growth in up to 400 Irish businesses. One of the key characteristics of...

BI Supply Chain: UNIDO

Winning Moves has been providing BI Supply Chain benchmarking services to UNIDO since 2008

BI Digital: DBI

The Digital Benchmark Index tool and methodology enables business to start fully realising the benefits of digital technologies.

BI Supply Chain: ProColombia

With the help of intensive funding support to get started from the international UNIDO Supplier and Partnership Exchange initiative, ProColombia have deployed a local version of BI Supply Chain benchmarking services with great success to help enhance the competitiveness of their economy.


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