Modernising Business Support with the NE LEP

As part of their ongoing mission to increase productivity and grow the local economy, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership turned to Benchmark Index to help them modernise their business support service.

They needed a cloud-based diagnostic platform that could underpin the customer journey through all stages. They wanted the platform to integrate their efforts into one service that could capture data across multiple channels, including their triage team, advisers and local businesses. It also had to be customised to their specific needs and scalable, allowing new modules to be added as needed.

Benchmark Index delivered.

As Helen Lee, NE Growth Hub Programme Manager explains in this short video, we provided a reliable, robust and user-friendly platform that has transformed how they interact with businesses:

  • Together with the Growth Hub, we created a business model diagnostic that pinpoints which business practices lead to high performance
  • We also created the Entrepreneur Profile that identifies high growth performance and potential.
  • The customised platform promotes collaborative planning across the service, improves marketing and business engagement, and professionalises the offer.
  • Advisers were trained on how best to use the service.

Already more than 100 SMEs have used the diagnostics in its first few months. We are now working with the Growth Hub to create new modules on finance, innovation and international trade.

During strong economic head winds and the uncertainty surrounding local business support, it is a pleasure to provide a tangible, positive and immediate effect on growth and productivity.

To learn more about Benchmark Index and how we can help streamline and improve your business support service, browse our website and get in touch for an informal chat. 

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