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Our benchmarking and diagnostic products are user friendly, intuitive, impactful, insightful, secure and resilient. Most importantly, they make a positive difference, as more than half a million businesses will testify to. Whether you're looking for an 'off the shelf' solution, a tool that's completely bespoke, or something in the middle we know we can meet your requirements.

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We've produced a wide variety of data driven benchmarking and diagnostic tools  since we started in 1996. Whilst  there is a sizeable library of options across a range of sectors and themes to choose from, we recognise that one size doesn’t always fit all and that sometimes a more tailored approach is required.

Our commissions have ranged from creating completely bespoke tools to licensing  vanilla versions of our existing tools. Very often though, requirements sit somewhere between these two extremes, where our existing tools and platforms are customised to meet specific requirements. This usually involves utilising some of the existing content and/or functionality available to build upon on.

Our Benchmark Index platform is well established, robust and flexible, providing the perfect base for this. It offers a cost effective foundation which means that the investment involved can be focused on developing impactful content and functionality, rather than programming and maintaining a tool built from scratch.

Our long track record and experience means that we have all the software development competencies needed to design, build, maintain, protect and further develop high quality, insightful benchmarking and diagnostic tools. All are focused on underpinning business support and economic development activities. Where required, we train system users, including facilitators and administrators, how to get the maximum benefit from the tools and data collected.

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