Driving Economic Development

SMEs play a critically important role in the health of economies, wherever they are in the world.

They account for the majority of enterprises, employ well over half of the private sector workforce, account for the highest proportion of new jobs created and make a significant contribution to nearly every nations’ Gross Domestic Product. If the aim is to boost the economic performance of a country or any area within it, it is impossible to ignore the role SMEs play.

It is for that reason that Benchmark Index is used throughout the world as a tool to support SME development …

  • Establishing viable and thriving supply chains in developing countries.
  • Improving the productivity of existing companies as part of national, publicly-funded programmes.
  • Catalysing growth in turnover and profits.
  • Driving innovation by capitalising on their innate entrepreneurialism and creativity.
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practice at a company and sector level.
  • Informing policy and helping those that develop economic strategy to measure the results of their activity.