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Benchmarking Diagnostic Tools, Proven Results

Benchmark Index is a suite of powerful and proven benchmarking diagnostic tools. Driven by a unique database of global business and supply chain performance, the service provides access to data and insight that no other diagnostic tool can. 

That’s why Benchmark Index has been the diagnostic tool of choice for economic development and business support agencies in more than 40 countries across 5 continents for in excess of 20 years.

Whether you have a group of businesses that you have an agenda to help develop, provide business advice support or an enterprise yourself, Benchmark Index can help you achieve your future aspirations and goals.

Our current and recent clients include

The Power of Data

More than 500,000 businesses have benefitted from Benchmark Index and there are in excess of 120,000 current records available, providing unparalleled data for objective comparison.

Adviser Skills

Facilitated Benchmark Index products give structure to business support interventions, enhance advisors’ service offer and increase consultant expertise, leading to improved performance for beneficiary businesses. We offer comprehensive training for advisers and administrators to ensure high quality, impactful delivery.


A spotlight is thrown on a wide variety of themes, sectors and other key drivers of business performance beyond financial measurement. The suite of products leads to improvement in areas including productivity, processes, customers service, innovation, digital adoption, people management, skills and many others.


Clear, comprehensive and objective reporting shows areas of relative strength and weakness, providing the basis of strategic as well as operational improvement. Intelligent signposting to high quality resources is a key feature of many of our tools.


Demonstrable performance improvement at a business level, leading to real economic improvement when used in supply chain, sector or geographical improvement initiatives.

Branding control

Software, training materials and supporting materials can be fully branded to meet specific needs.


This is a global service delivered locally, enabling performance comparison of companies or even entire sectors with the rest of the World.


The measurement framework can be tailored to suit any industry or sector. Elegant quantitative and qualitative data collection and reporting instruments are available for adviser facilitated and direct business use.

Multiple Tools

With many existing tools, covering multiple themes and sectors, Benchmark Index is available for use immediately. Alternatively, we can help you create your own version, using as much or as little of our existing data, measures and functionality as you need.

Practice & Performance

By combining both performance and practice, you can intelligently forecast the impact of making changes in your organisation.