Boosting Growth & Productivity

Benchmark Index provides world class benchmarking techniques to SMEs to help increase turnover, boost profits and improve productivity.

Productivity and growth are two essential facets of business performance and economic growth that are often mentioned in the same breath. This isn’t surprising given the linkages between the two. Also both are essential to the health of both individual businesses and the economy as a whole.

However, many businesses don't have access to information and data to measure their performance, or to compare with other organisations to see how they stack up competitively. This is where Benchmark Index comes in. Growth and productivity are brought to life through clear, easy to understand measures of performance in these areas.

In this way, management is able to shine a light on key performance of the business. This leads to insight into the effectiveness of different operational activities, helping to prioritise those practices and capabilities that can be developed to yield better end results. These include key areas such as customer performance, people management, operational efficiency, quality and innovation.