BI Supply Chain: ProColombia

With the help of intensive funding support to get started from the international UNIDO Supplier and Partnership Exchange initiative, ProColombia have deployed a local version of BI Supply Chain benchmarking services with great success to help enhance the competitiveness of their economy.

A recent intensive support programme using the service delivered during 2021 resulted in some excellent results:

  • 28 businesses participated in the Benchmarking exercise: 29% from Valle del Cauca, 21% from Bogota, 18% from Antioquia, 21% of companies from Cundinamarca and Atlántico, and finally, 11% of companies from Santander, Caldas and Bolívar.
  • These 28 enterprises come from a variety of sectors: 13 provide services, 5 work in the agribusiness sector, 5 are from engaged in Manufacturing , 4 operate in the Chemical and Life Sciences industry and, 1 in the apparel and accessories industry.
  • In 2021, 7 of the businesses that participated in benchmarking support service have reported exports of more than US $4.6 million. This compares very positively when compared with 2020 before the support was provided, when only 3 enterprise reported exports and these totalled less than of US $300k.
  • One of the organisations that participated in the exercise was able to make their first vinegar export to Venezuela.


We are delighted that 2 of the participating businesses agreed to share their feedback on ths support they received with BI Supply Chain providing the foundation.

BIOVERSA (see video for original testimonial in Spanish)

"Bioversa is a producer of fabrics and technical textile products with more than twenty years of experience in the market. The use of the benchmarking tool has been very worthwhile. It has allowed our business to internally evaluate our performance and practices, and to identify the gaps in  operational and management processes. Based on these results, a practical action plan was established that has allowed us to devise new strategies and improve our processes.

Thank you ProColombia and UNIDO, for promoting and supporting Colombian companies, and thus being more competitive and efficient in a changing and globalized market”.


“The analysis carried out through the Benchmarking tool to CI Proingra has made it possible to identify the gaps and weaknesses of the company, giving the management team a new perspective of the business to implement new work plans and follow-up management tools, to make the processes more optimal and work towards the achievement of the company's objectives.”