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BI Supply Chain: UNIDO

Winning Moves has been providing BI Supply Chain benchmarking services to UNIDO since 2008

UNIDO licenses a customised cloud based benchmarking system to support individual businesses develop and gain new supply chain contracts. The underpinning international database comprises more than 120,000 enterprises, providing good comparison coverage across all sectors. Training is provided to local advisers to enable them to use the service effectively and enhance the support they provide to businesses.

The findings from the benchmarking are used for 2 main purposes...

1. The results support upgrading activities in businesses to improve their competitiveness. This assistance takes a wide variety of forms, including securing funding to drive growth and sourcing technology enhancements to enable step change improvement in performance.

2. The big carrot for participating businesses is to be introduced to large government or international buyers. UNIDO use the performance and practice capabilities of suppliers, evidenced by the benchmarking activity, to provide a supplier-buyer matching service. Where supplier capability is identified as being below the required minimum levels stipulated by potential purchasers, businesses can be supported to reach the standards required.

This leads to an increasing volume of supply needs being satisfied locally rather than from imports. It leads to more sustainable economies and improved future financial health of participating countries. Ultimately the goal is to increase national competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The countries that have adopted the SPX Benchmarking service to date include South Africa, China, Vietnam, Colombia, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Cape Verde and Senegal. So far, more than 5,000 businesses have benefitted from the service, with many more in the pipeline.