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BI Digital: DBI

The Digital Benchmark Index tool and methodology enables business to start fully realising the benefits of digital technologies.

Structured around Winning Moves Digital Transformation Framework, the Digital Benchmark Index tool enables business advisers to diagnose businesses current and potential levels of digital maturity and to quantify the expected impact on the businesses bottom-line from making the shift.

It does this by assessing levels of business maturity across 5 key areas where value is generated – Value Drivers, Value Capture, Value Creation, Value Delivery and Value Creation. It also looks at which digital tools are currently being deployed or are in the pipeline. Thirdly, it explores how this is impacting the bottom line through benchmarking key performance indicators relating to growth and productivity.

The software is designed to provide specialist and generalist business advisers a platform to work with businesses to develop digital roadmaps. It is proven to pinpoint the support, technology and resources that are required to successfully implement the plan and realise required performance benefits.

To date, more than 1,000 UK businesses have used the tool as the launchpad to create their future digital plans. It is supported by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Innovate UK, and is being used by a variety of regional support organisations, including the Growth Hubs in Greater Birmingham and Solihull, Sheffield City Region and the North East.

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