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BI Supply Chain

Driving supply chain development by ensuring businesses are 'fit to supply'

Effective supply chains are fundamental to economic success. BI Supply Chain has been developed as a resource to bring overall supply chain objectives to life in areas such as localisation and re-shoring.

At an individual supply chain level, finding, nurturing and retaining high quality suppliers are key challenges. BI Supply Chain allows buyers to find and assess new suppliers more easily, based on an objective assessment of their precise requirements. For suppliers, it puts the time and financial investment involved in improvement directly into the context of potentially winning more work – a compelling reason to raise standards.

It is well accepted that supply chains need to continuously evolve through improved collaboration and increased modernisation, embracing new methods and technology developments to raise effectiveness, productivity and environmental sustainability. BI Supply Chain takes the guesswork out of investment decisions and improvement activities by focusing supplier chain management on where it will yield greatest returns. It does this by providing insights into genuine supply chain strengths and weaknesses, with external comparison offering real impact assessment of development initiatives.

The service is an active experience, usually delivered by one of the many expert advisers trained to use the service. They provide invaluable input to assist decision making about future direction on key areas for improvement and how to get there.

Winning Moves has been providing BI Supply Chain benchmarking services to UNIDO since 2008

UNIDO licenses a customised cloud based benchmarking system to support individual businesses develop and gain new supply chain contracts.

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