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BI Scale Up

Enabling businesses to achieve high growth

Scale up businesses are critically important to economic growth. They generate increased Gross Value Added (a key measure of economic success) and catalyse growth in other enterprises within their supply chain and location. So if you want to generate economic growth,  one of the best ways to do this is by identifying businesses with high growth potential and provide targeted support to help them achieve their aspirations.

The perennial challenge in helping businesses to scale is to identify those businesses with the potential to scale up before they experience high growth. BI Scale Up tools have been designed to improve the odds of doing this by objectively identifying those businesses with the strongest potential. Whilst past performance remains important, enablers of growth and entrepreneurial orientation factors are just as important. This allows better targeting and more focused support to be provided.

To sustain success, ongoing measurement and monitoring enables progress to be monitored. Changes in circumstance can be identified more quickly (such as new barriers, market changes, etc.), leading to swifter action being taken by the business leaders and timely modification to the support they are receiving. 

BI Scale Up is designed to boost the population of scale ups, leading to wider economic development and growth.


Winning Moves customises its Scale Up benchmarking tool to help Cork businesses achieve high growth

BI Scale Up tool customised for the benefit of Cork based businesses. Up to 400 Irish businesses earmarked to benefit from the tool which is designed to drive accelerated growth.

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