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BI Cyber

Keeping businesses safe from cyber attacks and data breaches

Cyber attacks and data breaches are a growing problem for businesses, costing the global economy £billions per annum. In the UK alone the annual impact is estimated at £4.5billion.

Loss of money is a guaranteed consequence of data breaches – directly in some cases and indirectly as customers stop spending due to loss of confidence in a brand. All businesses are data driven to some degree or other, therefore it’s critical to have a cyber security strategy of some description in any business, and to truly understand the value of the data collected, processed and held.

Without an effective cyber security strategy, businesses will find it difficult to create the brand loyalty that means they can find customers, keep customers and make sales.

BI Cyber has been developed to challenge businesses on how important they really consider cyber security, effective data collection and protection to be, and whether cyber security is front and centre in the context of their business strategy.

Applicable for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, BI Cyber has been developed for intermediary and government organisations to use with businesses, to help them objectively understand:

  • The risks to their business of a cyber or data breach;
  • The importance of a proportionate Cyber security strategy;
  • How businesses can best safeguard themselves and their data; and
  • What other, similar businesses (size/sectors and/or geography) are doing to safeguard their customers and operations.

To find out how BI Cyber will help the businesses you support, click here to get in touch.

Winning Moves Supports FTSE350 companies to be more Cybersecure

Winning Moves was commissioned by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in the UK, to use BI Cyber, to undertake a Cyber security Health Check of the UK’s FTSE 350 companies.

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